Broomkind is a Kind Abstratus listed on the back of Strife Specibi. Dad, Doc Scratch and Andrew Hussie have all been seen to wield brooms and thus may possess this Abstratus.

Discipline BroomEdit

Discipline Broom
Location Found Doc Scratch's apartment

This is the "broom weapon" used by both Doc Scratch and Andrew Hussie. As seen here,Sburb Logo the weapon packs quite a punch against the Handmaid. It has also been used hereSburb Logo against Doc Scratch, albeit a bit less effectively.

Dad's BroomEdit

Location Found John's house

This broom was usedSburb Logo by John's Dad against some Imps. It was later mentioned bySburb Logo Jane to be used by her father in various Strifes in the past.