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Brobot sprite

This robot is a robotised copy of Dirk that was sent to Jake piece by piece via sendificator, for the purpose of sparring with. Jake assembled the robot as the pieces were given to him. However, the "brobot", as he was affectionately dubbed by Jake, proved to be a difficult partner to spar with. Although he has several modes, the more difficult levels making him "nigh impossible to spar with," though he does not kill, and the novice setting, which, according to JakeSburb Logo, is "a bit tender for [his] liking."

Brobot does not appear to have a kill setting, as it is never mentioned or referenced, like the rest of of Dirk's robotsSburb Logo, though if he did have one, it probably would never be activated, due to the face that he quite easily kill Jake in such a situation. He is powered by a uranium core, and it is shown in this flashSburb Logo that he can sprout several more arms, replace his shades should the need arise, fly, and moves at such a speed he can cut bullets in half in mid-air. He is shown to be extremely stealthy, have a well-formed knowledge of Jake's island and its inhabitants, and of course be well-versed and versatile in many fighting tactics, from wrestling to flat-out brutality.

Jake searches for him when it becomes apparent that Jake needs Brobot's uranium core to send a very important delivery. Instead of finding Brobot, the robot instead finds him, and they end up engaging in a long and arduous strifeSburb Logo (after saving him from an eerily familiar sea-goat). In this strife, Brobot dances on Jake's face, skips him like a rock over the ocean, and just generally beats the crap out of Jake. The strife ends when Brobot rips the uranium from his chest and pounds it into glowing gravel, thus ending the life (such as it was) of this robot.

Trivia Edit

  • It is a little known fact that Jake possessed Brobot long before the Game came to be.
  • During the first battle (during Unite Synchronization) Brobot did not advance to battle Jake until after a herd of tinkerbulls flew overhead. Once Jake injured two, Brobot proceeded to catch the bullets and throw them back in Jake's face. The battle progressed after this point.
  • It is shown that, like Equius' robots, Brobot can be remotely controlled when Lil Hal remotely deactivates novice mode.

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