The Genesis Frog is an entire universe. He is ostensibly represented by the giant frog on the Frog Temples and is considered to be the patron god of all frogs.

The inhabitants of the Incipisphere have differing opinions about him. The Prospitians and Consorts worship and adore him, referring to him as ”Our Glorious Speaker", or the “Speaker of the Vast Croak”. Dersites, on the other hand, have an inborn hatred of him, using a collection of insulting and derogatory titles, which include "The Great Detestation", "King Pondsquatter", "Frogger", and the "Speaker of the Vast Joke". Another of their terms, "Bilious Slick", is commonly used by the trolls and kids. The Dersites' negative opinions are related to their opposition against the creation of a new universe, and to the Genesis Frog being the reward for defeating the Black King.

A Genesis Frog is created anew by every successful session of Sburb. One player is responsible for breeding the frogs found on their planet to produce one with a "perfect" genetic code. In all sessions we have observed this player has been the Hero of Space, assisted by a Knight. It's likely that the Vast Croak plays a large role in this.

Bslick hand2

The Frog's hand, post-Jack.

That frog-breeder would need to appearify the paradox slime of the frogs found on the their planet and then hunt them down themselves, forcing the Appearifier to produce the paradox slime in the first place. They would then combine the paradox slime of the frogs and produce their paradox clones. Apparently, the songs (or croaks) show the perfection (or lack thereof) of the frogs' genetic codes.

A Genesis Frog contains every single instance of the universe that is within him, including doomed timelines and its Scratched iteration. All those different universes are destroyed when the Genesis Frog dies, though some of them may last longer than others before their destructionSburb Logo.

In HivebentEdit

Bilious Slick Aradia

Bilious Slick's head being prototyped by Aradia

Aradia Megido is able to trick the Black Queen of the trolls' session into removing her ring by prototyping with the Frog Temple head, as she refuses to wear the face of the Genesis Frog. This allows the Red Team and the group of Agents that would later become the Midnight Crew to exile her. When Jack later exiles himself, he takes the name Spades Slick to spite the Queen. Aradia later pretends to attempt to spite him with an outburst of random text, calling out the frog god as bslick, though as Kanaya points out, offending him is probably impossible. The trolls are unable to find the last frog to perfect the genetic sequence of their Genesis Frog, searching it for weeks and giving up as The Reckoning begins. This may explain why the kids' session is so heavily flawed. In Karkat's words, by not finding this frog and perfecting this sequence, he gave the whole universe cancer. This could also be the reason of The Tumor's existence.

Jack Noir later puts an end to Bilious Slick's life by attacking it with his Red Miles attack, destroying him and the universe contained within, leaving only his armSburb Logo.

In HomestuckEdit


A statue of a frog.

Jade Harley was responsible for frog-breeding duties in her session. She and Dave work together to breed the frogs, which was helped by timetravelling. Echidna, the planet's Denizen, reveals to Jade that the last frog required to create the new Genesis Frog was on Earth, sendificated from an unknown point in time to Jade's Island. A young Jade was able to pick him up before Becquerel killed him for unknown reasons (probably so that it would be paradoxifiable) and Jade completely forgot about this.

Towards the end of the session Jade's Genesis Tadpole is knocked off into the Forge by the explosion of a shaving cream bomb dropped on her, sinking down to the planet's core and is claimed by Echidna. An "ancient unlabeled tome" in Seer: Descend reads that

Though we adore him, we shall never enjoy His beauteous Croak. We spill our blood on acres of black and white so they may cross the Yellow Yard. At last in Skaia's reflection through the broken glass He may find the pond in which He's meant to squat.

This prophecy is eventually fulfilled, beginning with the arriving of LOFAF (upon which the Genesis Frog remained) across the Yellow Yard and into the B2 session, and ending with Echidna releasing him from the Forge into Skaia (an event triggered by WV and PM throwing the rings into the ForgeSburb Logo, symbolizing the death of the Black Queen and marking the final milestone of completing a Sburb game).

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