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Basilisks are an enemy first encountered in the Land of Wind and Shade. They possess a long snake-like body with multiple sets of limbs, as well as a distinctive long tongue. Like Imps, they seem to possess varying costumes. They are also able to breathe fireSburb Logo.

Two other varieties of Basilisk, colored in grey and green, are seen mounted in the foyer of Jade Harley's house.

In human mythology, basilisks are said to have venomous breath, and sometimes a petrifying gaze. Sburb basilisks do not have either of these powers, though the portrusions on their head are similar to both the "crown" of the mythological basilisk and the "casque" of the real-life basilisk lizard (family Corytophanidae).

Interestingly, the original Basilisks that John fought were about twice as big as the ones found on LOHAC and LOTAM and had six legs instead of four. Other underlings, such as the Giclops have displayed variation in size as well.

Tar BasilisksEdit


John being eaten by a tar basilisk

Tar Basilisks are an enemy found in the Land of Wind and Shade. They are first seenSburb Logo when they attack a small village on the land, along with a Copper Giclops.

John struggles against these foes, demonstrating their power. At one point, he gets caught in the jaws of one of the creaturesSburb Logo, until it and its companion are blasted apart by Grandpa.

They drop lots of tar when killed. They also appear to leave their heads behind, but this might be an effect of the Blunderbluss that slew them.

Amber BasilisksEdit

Found in the Land of Heat and Clockwork. Dave defeats several and picks up large amounts of Amber and Sulfur. Several of these have acquired working wings from Dave's prototyping. It is also possible that these could be Sulfur Basilisks.

Hivebent BasiliskEdit


A purple Basilisk is seen in the trolls' session, engaging Gamzee Makara in battle on his planet LOTAM. It can be assumed that the other planets feature Basilisks as well, although we never see them.