The Bard-A-Pult is a reoccurring piece of equipment in Bard Quest. The Bard will find himself being launched on one of these in the occasion that he does something particularly silly or sensible. The world that the Bard exists in is not a forgiving one, and making the right or wrong decisions will give you a exhilarating ride to what most likely is assumed to be your death.

Hints for not encountering the Bard-A-Pult:

  • Don't be a suck up. Do what you were asked to do, and no more.
  • Lute Solos are to be enjoyed on your own time. Don't bother certain grumpy monarchical officials with your own interpretation of Johnny Be Good.
  • Do not show your pride, homosexual or otherwise. Even the butcher points this out for you.
  • Do not steal from the same place twice.