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normal punctuation. speaks in a very deadpan manner. types in all lowercase.

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Alternate Caliborn - "Brother"
Two unnamed cherubs - Mother and Father

Alternate Calliope is a doomed version of Calliope who predominated over her brother.


She grew up similarly to her alpha self, but had no contact with the alpha kids, resulting in her having the strength to predominate over Caliborn. She took on her brother's blood color as her text color, similar to Alpha Caliborn.Sburb Logo Due to her not having the proper abilities to beat her dead session's quest, she found the mother of monsters, who gave her The Choice. Calliope chose to be killed by Echidna and proceeded to wait until her alpha self appeared in the dream bubbles. At some point, she met a sleeping Jade and informed her of why John and Davesprite exploded on LOWAS.

After waiting for ages in an apparently isolated and hidden dream bubbleSburb Logo, alpha Calliope arrives along with Jade. The doomed Calliope pulls alpha Calliope aside to tell her story, and says that her arrival was the signal that "the furthest ring around me had uncoiled itself momentarily", allowing it to be navigable in order for her to finish the rest of her promise to Echidna. She leaves alpha Calliope, telling her to simply live and be the person she couldn't, and returns to Jade, leaving alpha Calliope behind to be revived by Roxy shortly thereafter.

Alternate Calliope is later seen with Jade in the Furthest Ring. The two of them are passing by the cracks in the void and heading towards the Green Sun, as alternate Calliope explains the nature of the Furthest Ring to Jade and generally refuses to explain to her what exactly they are doing. When they finally do arrive, she explains to Jade that "[she] needed to accompany [Calliope] on this journey, so that time could pass for [her].Sburb Logo" In response to Jade's indication that she'd rather join the fight than sleep through it, Calliope suggests that great power is more of a liability than an asset. She drops hints that the Green Sun will not exist for much longer, offers that Jade should say goodbye to it and have "fun.", and bids Jade farewell.

After Jade's departure, Alternate Calliope proceeds to destroy the Green Sun by siphoning it into a black hole, which then grows to utterly absurd proportions due to absorbing the mass of two universes. The same Black Hole is used to erase or entrap Lord English, fulfilling Echidna's bargain.

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