Aggress is a physical attack term used in MS Paint Adventures. It usually means to clobber something.

Problem Sleuth Edit

Battle Menu

You open your BATTLE MENU and select "AGGRESS".

A physical attack using whatever weapons are on hand. Aggressing is a basic attack, and requires no special items or extra equipment. Any character may Aggress with anything they have on them, including guns, makeup, cleaning supplies, paint, scythes, tea, childhood toys or just their fists.

Because Aggressing is free in terms of its use, the Dual Nature of weapons tends to result in unpredictable consequences for Aggressing. Oftentimes the objects that are used to aggress have no damage capability whatsoever and do no damage, but sometimes they deal substantial amounts regardless due to the object's hidden weapon nature. It's hard to tell at any given point whether an Aggression will be successful due to the randomness of the weapons or objects.

Some weapons do not fall under this case, such as billy clubs or truncheons used by surly thugs, and can be used with some certainty that they are going to deal damage.

Homestuck Edit

John aggrieves


In Homestuck, the word "Aggress" has in most cases been changed to Aggrieve, but it remains much the same concept; It is still the generic command to attack. Due to the lack of dual-natured weapons in Homestuck, aggrieving is often simpler than aggressing. Characters can attack at will with any weapon in their Strife Deck; however, each character can only ever wield a certain kind of weapon depending on how they have allocated their Strife Specibus, so the problem lies in locating the appropriate weapon rather than having the weapon shift into something completely useless.

Rose Lalonde and her Mother have shown the ability to Aggress Passively as a part of their unending campaign of mutual passive-aggressive one-upmanshipSburb Logo.

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