Abscond is a technique used to leave a battle. If the incoming assault from your enemies is too tough to handle, choosing Abscond may be your only viable option. Abscond is not foolproof, and can sometimes fail in specific battles.

In Problem Sleuth, Problem Sleuth is given the mission by the Elves to abscond with the pie from the Clown-owned cottage. It was also one of the options of his Battle Menu.

In Homestuck, John attempts to abscond from the fight with his father and make off with the package from the mail, but is unsuccessful and is pied in the face. Dave also attempts to abscond from a battle with his Bro, only to have the command menu sliced in half before he can do so.

Vriska claims that Tavros is the best there is at absconding, and no one can beat him in an abscond-off. Of course, this is a roundabout way of calling him a coward. Also, Vriska happens to be the best there is at preventing absconding, and makes Tavros jump off a cliff.

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