Strife Technique: Abjure
JOHN abjures the meddlesome cursor.Sburb Logo


Blocks offerings and resists commands.

Used By

Johnicon Roseicon Daveicon

Abjure is a technique in which one refuses to accept something. John has used it to refuse Dad's aggressive offering of cake, and Rose used it to refuse her Mom's gift of a beautiful pony. While Abjure has appeared on Dave's battle menu, said menu is promptly destroyed by his Bro before he has a chance to use it. Someone that abjures is physically seen as holding their hand up in refusal, with their eyes closed. They also look to be vocally upset and they shake their head back and forth, similar to flipping the fuck out.

John has also used the command outside of battle to ignore a terrible command issued by the Wayward Vagabond, and he abjured the cursor when Rose tried to interact with him with Sburb.

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