A. Claire
A Claire


Died: 1983 or 1984


Jake Harley - Husband
Joey Claire - Daughter
Jude Harley - Son
Jane Egbert - Adoptive sister-in-Law
Jade Harley - Stepdaughter/adoptive granddaughter
John Egbert - Stepson

A. Claire is Jake Harley's wife, first introduced in Act I of Hiveswap. She is the mother of both Joey Claire and Jude Harley. She is deceased, leaving both children as "Semi Orphans". We see an autographed photo of her in Half-Harley Manor, with the quote "To Jake, My biggest fan!", this may indicate that she was in some way famous. We also see a picture of her marrying Jake Harley on the same wall. Joey has another small picture of A. Claire in her room.

According to Joey, her mother died "10 or 11 years ago", placing her death in 1983 or 1984.

Ballet Career Edit

A. Claire was an exceptionally talented ballerina. She took up dancing as a young girl, and won an award for her performance as a young teen. Later in life she became a professional ballerina, and was recognized by many as one of the best ballerinas of all time. Several of her performances were filmed and are available on video cassette.

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Trivia Edit

  • Her name is a pun on Éclair, a french pastry, and also the french word for "lightning".
  • Joey took on her last name over Jake Harley's, as he is, for the most part, absent in her life.
  • She has artistic talent, having painted the mural on Joey's bedroom ceiling.
  • She won a ballet award at a young age, which is currently displayed on Joey's shelf.
  • The key to the portal in the attic is an heirloom of hers.
  • Her first name could possibly be Arsala, as it's the name of one of Joey's teddy bears.
    • Her first name could also be Anna, presumably giving her the married name of Anna HarleySburb Logo.
  • The lack of any photos of both Joey and Jude with their mother (or any photos of her with Jude on display) suggests she died giving birth to Jude, or shortly thereafter.