Yet another number of dubious importance, 11 11 11 (and variations such as 11 11 or 111) is the arc number of the post-scratch kids and the cherubs.

Appearances in JailbreakEdit

  • Jailbreak restarted its story on page 111Mspa icon, and the scratched version of the Homestuck kids' universe was introduced on 11/11/11 with a similar arc number.

Appearances as a dateEdit

  • Act 6 of Homestuck began on November 11th, 2011 – that is, 11/11/11. Act 6 is also set on this date, which is written in this universe as 11.11.11 and called 2X3PRONG DAY (whatever that means).
    • It's fitting that this should be the arc number for act 6, as it consists of six 1's.
  • The updates on 01/11/12 culminate in Jane landing in a treeSburb Logo when her computer explodesSburb Logo after installing the Sburb client (or so she thought).
  • Although almost certainly a coincidence, Karkat's first pesterlogSburb Logo – and in fact, the very first pesterlog with a troll – occurred in an update released on 11/11/09. The update on 11/11/10 had anotherSburb Logo logSburb Logo with Jade and Karkat.
  • A6A4 began on 11/11/12. And ended on 11/11/12.
    • (Or at least that's what the date on the site says. It actually appeared in the early hours Eastern time of 11/12/12).
    • Jack's tally marks consist of 11 11 11, instead of the usual four.
    • The six bars in his jail cell window are also reminiscent of the sequence.
  • A6A5A1 ended and A6A5A2 began on 1/11/13.
  • Although just past midnight and technically on 11/12, Hussie posted a cherub-centric update on what was supposed to be 11/11/14, from hereSburb Logo to hereSburb Logo.
  • The IRL official MSPA Snapchat posted a sequence of snaps about Jane Crocker being named chief executive of Crockercorp, and also involving Roxy and Calliope, on 11/11/2016.
  • Hiveswap is set on 11/11/1994.

Appearances as a timeEdit

Dirk and his Cruxtruder

The countdown on Dirk's Cruxtruder.

Appearances in currencyEdit

  • On this pageSburb Logo, Jane is shown to have 110,110,110 boondollars.
  • On this pageSburb Logo, Jake is shown to have 111,111 boondollars.

Appearances relating to the charactersEdit

  • Each of the post-scratch kids has 4 letters in their first name and 7 letters in their surname; 4 + 7 = 11.
  • The 2x3dentkind weapons of Feferi Peixes, the Condesce, and Meenah have the same number of spikes as 11 11 11 has ones.
    • Furthering their connection to the number, Feferi and Meenah both employ emoticons with 38s (representing their crowns and goggles) which equals 11 when 3 is added to 8.
  • Eridan's affiliated number, 311, obviously represents three 11s, just like his fellow sea dweller.
  • One of the pool ball combinations for Lord English's eyes is 1 and 11, imitating one of Quarters's quarters, which likewise has the number "1" one side and "11" on the other.
  • Calliope and Caliborn sometimes multiply letters and punctuation by 11.
    • Sometimes they even multiply letters so that the total number in the word is 11 Sburb Logo
    • They are 11 units old (13 Earth years) and their birthday was on 11/11, according to Andrew.
  • There are 11 Delerious Biznasty icons on Jake's desktop.
  • After engaging Trickster Mode characters tend to repeat things in 11s.
    • Multiplication of exclamation marks and question marks by 11, stretching words out so they have 11 characters and repeating words 11 times.Sburb LogoSburb LogoSburb Logo
    • It takes Jane 11 zooms to magnify Jake when he engages Trickster mode. Sburb Logo
    • It takes Jake 111 tugs to pull Roxy back onto the page when she engages Trickster mode. Sburb Logo
    • Dirk has to complete 1,111 sidles towards screen right. Sburb Logo
  • Caliborn's Deviantart gallery has 11 drawings. They are numbered appropriately, save for the one which would be "08", which is also titled "09".
  • During the Lord English fight sequence within the Dream Bubbles of the Furthest Ring a cover of the track English from "The Felt" album can be prominently heard, ending at 11:11 of [s] CollideSburb Logo.

Appearances related to the ActsEdit

Appearances as a random numberEdit

  • When John enters a codeSburb Logo for a captcha card containing a blank captchalogue card, the code for the card is seen to be 11111111.
    • There are 8 players in the kids' session. There are 8 1's in the code.
  • Characters repeat characters eleven times at various instances.
  • Hussie's face shows up crossed out 11 times when Caliborn "ends" the comic.Sburb Logo
  • The caption on Caliborn's Zillyloot campaignSburb Logo ends with a "WHEEEEEEEEEEE" with 11 E's.
  • The A6A6I5 character select screen features ten conversations, plus an 11th starring Vriska, (Vriska), and Meenah.Sburb Logo
  • The first 11 snaps from the Credits were posted to the IRL official MSPA Snapchat, approximately hourly, from 1-11pm EST on 10/24/16, just before the Credits were posted.
  • 11 Halloween-themed snaps were posted to the IRL official MSPA Snapchat on 10/31/2016

Appearances relating to the albumsEdit

  • Homestuck Vol. 9 ♫ costs a minimum of $11.11.
  • The Cherubim ♫ album costs a minimun of $6.11.
  • During the Lord English fight sequence within the Dream Bubbles of the Furthest Ring a cover of the track English from "The Felt" album can be prominently heard, ending at 11:11 of [s] CollideSburb Logo.

Connections to the Real WorldEdit

  • The popular video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released on 11.11.11. The Elder Scrolls series has been referenced in Homestuck, most prominently as providing the basis for the Alternian letters of the alphabet. While the shared date could merely be coincidental, the description of the date as just the sort of numerical gimmick corporations love to exploit for their big releasesSburb Logo may have been an allusion specifically to Skyrim.
  • Jacksepticeye's third and final Hiveswap: Act 1 video, posted on both the What Pumpkin Twitter and Tumblr, is exactly 1:11:11 long.
  • New members of the Trollcall were released on Wednesdays at 11 AM PDT.

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